Friday, November 18, 2011

Announcing…The Beauty in Design Challenge


Emily Grace, from A Life Worthy of the Lord, and I have collaborated on a new project that we are introducing to you today – The Beauty in Design Challenge! Our goal is for everyone in this community to have fun and learn more about graphic designing, so here are a few things we’ll do.

  • We’ll have a weekly challenge for everyone interested – one of you will choose a theme and subject for the week (i.e. design a logo for “Graphic Works Inc.” or create a book cover for a real or made up novel), and we will all submit our entries. After the submission deadline, we’ll open it up to voting and the design with the most votes by the end of the week will win, and that designer will get bragging rights until we have a new winner! (Themes will include album art, buttons, flyers, book covers, and every other kind of graphic art you can think of)
  • Once a month we’ll have a blog design contest (after all, shouldn’t us blog designers have some fun with it?) where each design will be based on something – either a song, photo, or other theme. Again, we’ll open it up to voting, and the design with the most votes will win.
  • Everyone interested in joining this challenge will be given a chance to choose the weekly theme – after I have all your names I’ll create a schedule that will be posted here, and we’ll do everything based on that.

Want in on this new project? If you do, comment leaving your name and email address, and I’ll add you to the list! We’ll begin the challenge on December 1st…and the first objective will be to create an identity/logo for this challenge. I’ll give more details on that on the 1st (such as size regulations, other rules, etc.)! So comment with your info, invite your friends to join, and have a great Thanksgiving!

*Thanks to Emily Grace for her major help in this and for coming up with the idea!*