Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Calling all writers, photographers, designers, and job seekers!!!!

Hey All!

   Happy Thanksgiving! So, you are probably wondering why my post has such a weird name... I better just tell you! XD

   So, I am working on starting an online magazine for girls of all talents. If you like writing, reading, reviewing, photographing, or even just plain designing this is for you! So, I am looking for people who can supply my website/online magazine with:

1) Photographs - I need as many of you photographers as possible (At first you will get credit, and eventually you will be paid)

2) Articles - If you have a passion for writing I need you! (This is again on a volunteer basis - full credit not any money for a while)

3) Editing - I am looking for the kind of girl, who enjoys looking through articles editing them! (You will be put on the "Staff" page) 

4) Design - I am looking for you girls who are really good at designing and just never got your chance. This will include designing article placement for the magazine and designing the blog and website. (You will get complete credit!)

5) Social Media - If you love social media CONTACT ME! I love it to so I understand your need for social media! (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, blog posts) 

   This website is not going to get any profit for the first little bit (I am thinking about the first 4-6 months) and so I am asking for volunteers. It does not matter what age you are or of what skill, I need you! If you think this is something you might be interested in doing contact me for further information! My e-mail is, please - I love you all!

   If you are interested of know anyone who might be, please pass on the information. I am hoping to launch the first issue on New Years so jet me an e-mail and I will put you to work! HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!!

Vienna J./i.e. DesignGirl

Monday, September 10, 2012

Charming Chic Contest/Giveaway: Contest Closed

to Emma-Lee who won! Please e-mail me ( and I will have Pixel send you your prize!

I am soooo excited to announce my first design contest! I have been thinking about doing one for a while and finally decided to host one! Look below for details!

To Enter:

1) Create a Chic 16 Birthday Invitation

...It must include the following...
i) Damask
ii) Picture

You can chose your own font, picture, and the amount of information you want on it (address, place, activities, etc... you will get extra points for creativity!)

2) Leave a Comment with a Link to your design (I can't figure out how to work the linky thingy!)

3) Have fun! Use bright colors and do whatever you want!

{below is my design}

And now... probably the most important part of the  giveaway/contest... THE PRIZE!

{the sponsor}

has graciously supplied the prize... Chic Pink Black Elegant Damask (1in Squares) Alphabet Digital Collage Sheet Inchies.

You can check them out here...

Please enter!!

The Contest Closes @ 11:59pm on the 30th of September

Happy Chic Designing,

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Introducing... DesignGirl

I am fifteen years old and I am the third in eight kids. :D I love photography, web development, graphic design, Frisbee, playing the piano, and hanging out with my siblings and friends. Are interests and hobbies different (mine aren’t)? I don’t really have a favorite subject in school, but I enjoy anything that is in a class setting (i.e. more than one person!)

I have always enjoyed fooling around on the computer, but about 2 years ago I discovered blogger and started my own private blog. I really hated the way my blog looked and so my friend helped me download Gimp which I used for most of the time. Then at the end of last year, my amazing dad went and bought my Photoshop Cs5! I really didn’t like it at first, but I has hired to re-do some sites and was then forced to use it.

My biggest goal this year is to launch a web assistant site for myself. I promise to give you updates if that ever takes off!

I am hoping that in being part of this community that I will be challenged to become a better designer and to get some (a lot) of tips on things!

Favorite Program? Are you kidding me… Photoshop CS5!
PC or MAC? Can this be a question of what I would like? I would like/LOVE a Mac, but right now I am still on a PC!

I do have a blog, but it is not quite finished yet! You can, however, check out my online magazine at (Also, it is not limited to Oregonians!

Beauty in Design Challenge | week 29

*An important announcement first - we're going to be taking a break from the weekly challenge for a while. We've all had a great time with it, but I think that we need to take at least a couple months to relax. Let me know what you guys think about the challenge - if you think we should pick it up again in a few months or if we shouldn't. =) Okay, that's it! Thanks Marcia for the awesome challenge this week!*

The challenge this week is to create a branding/inspiration board... or a collage with your favorite photos, quotes, colors.. you get the idea. 

here are two examples that I made for my blog. 

photos via pintrest | made with pixlr

the only requirement is to be authentic. 

for some amazing inspiration go >>here<<

Friday, July 20, 2012

Beauty in Design Challenge // Week 28

Hello!  Holly Lou here, bringing you this week's challenge!  Your latest challenge is to create a blog header using this picture as your inspiration:

1. You do NOT have to use this picture in your header, but you may if you wish.  Let it inspire you and get creative!
2. You will need to come up with an appropriate blog title and subtitle.
3. Your header should be 760 pixels wide.
4. Have fun designing!

Thanks for joining us for this week's challenge! :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hello people!

Hi everybody! This is my FIRST post here! I am really happy to be here! You can find my writing blog here, my blog design blog here, my photography blog here, and my fashion blog here. I am holding a design challenge here and would love it if you entered! Okay, so to tell you about myself, I am 12 years old and am the oldest child in my family! I have 2 brothers. I love ADORE blog designing and HTML stuff. :P I really like photography! (Photos of me are taken by me!) I like writing. I like reading books about the holocaust. I HATE math! I became interested in blog designing when I learned a few things about HTML. It was very fun. IF YOU WANT A BLOG DESIGN, contact ME! Please! :) 
I like using for my designing!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Beauty In Design Challenge // Week 27

*Congratulations to Bekah for winning our last challenge!*

{Please note: you have until Monday at midnight to enter this challenge! Voting will commence on Tuesday and end on Wednesday at midnight.}

Hello everyone! Welcome to this week's design challenge! This weeks challenge is to use all the colors from this design palette in your design:

You can make a button, a full design, a header, whatever. Just make sure that you use all the colors from this palette.

1. You must use all of the colors from the above palette.
2. You can make anything you wish.
3. Have fun!

Sorry this is late, I forgot that it was my week. Have fun and be creative!