Thursday, August 2, 2012

Introducing... DesignGirl

I am fifteen years old and I am the third in eight kids. :D I love photography, web development, graphic design, Frisbee, playing the piano, and hanging out with my siblings and friends. Are interests and hobbies different (mine aren’t)? I don’t really have a favorite subject in school, but I enjoy anything that is in a class setting (i.e. more than one person!)

I have always enjoyed fooling around on the computer, but about 2 years ago I discovered blogger and started my own private blog. I really hated the way my blog looked and so my friend helped me download Gimp which I used for most of the time. Then at the end of last year, my amazing dad went and bought my Photoshop Cs5! I really didn’t like it at first, but I has hired to re-do some sites and was then forced to use it.

My biggest goal this year is to launch a web assistant site for myself. I promise to give you updates if that ever takes off!

I am hoping that in being part of this community that I will be challenged to become a better designer and to get some (a lot) of tips on things!

Favorite Program? Are you kidding me… Photoshop CS5!
PC or MAC? Can this be a question of what I would like? I would like/LOVE a Mac, but right now I am still on a PC!

I do have a blog, but it is not quite finished yet! You can, however, check out my online magazine at (Also, it is not limited to Oregonians!


Classic Kniterature said...

Welcome Design Girl! ;)

not it's business said...

Thanks Eveybright! So glad to see you again!!! :D