Thursday, April 19, 2012

Beauty in Design Challenge // Week 19

*Congratulations to Savannah Jean for winning last week's challenge!*

Hello everyone,

This is Britt and it is my first post for a design challenge so I hope you all enjoy the design challenge I come up with!

I was trying to think of a good one that you all might enjoy- I know something I really enjoy designing stuff for is yummy treats and desserts so I thought I would make the design challenge a bakery ad or design with different things that you might find in a bakery. I attached the entry I am planning to enter so you get a little bit of an idea.

- Include the name of the bakery- "Sweet Treats Bakery"
- there is no requirement for the size or colors you can include

Thanks for letting me come up with a design challenge- this was a lot of fun

Hope that you all have fun doing the challenge as well!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

First post//Carli Nicole

How old are you, and how many siblings do you have? I'm a teenage girl in high school. I have three siblings, Taylor, Rob, and James.

What are your interests? Photography, writing, music, and graphic design.

Favorite hobbies? Soccer, reading, and photography.

What do you enjoy about graphic design?
I love the I can design things just the way I want them. I love how there are so many options, and that there's always room to improve, and learn more. 

Favorite subject in school? Grammar/Spanish

When did you become interested in graphic design? Around a year ago.

Biggest goal for this year? I would like to improve my photography/blog designing skills.

What are you looking forward to the most in being a part of this community?
I love the challenges that are held here. They're always interesting and challenging. It's great.

What's your favorite program to use when designing?
I love Photoshop CS3. It's really amazing!

The big question - Mac or PC?
I'm mac...all the way.

Do you have a personal blog we can connect with you on? I blog at Reflections.


Friday, April 13, 2012

The Beauty in Design Challenge//Week 18

   Hello All, this is Ashlyn this week. I haven't participated forever and I hope to eventually do more. I've just been super busy. : )

I've been really inspired by double exposures. So this week is simple... A double exposure! :) I can't wait to see what you all come up with! 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Blog Design Contest Winner Announced!

We had a good number of entries for the blog design contest, and every single one of them was beautiful! Everyone - thanks for entering, and great job! Of everyone who entered we have one winner, and that winner is Annika! Congrats! You did a beautiful job on your design.

*We did not have a challenge this past week because Britt (whose turn it was to write up the challenge) was having computer trouble. I thought it would be great to take a break anyway, but we'll be back to it this week, as soon as possible!*

Monday, April 2, 2012

Meet Britt

Hello, I’m Britt…this is my first post so I thought I would 
introduce myself to you all. I’m going to be participating in coming up 
with some of the design challenges- so here is some information 
about who I am…..

how old are you, and how many siblings do you have?
I am a 19 year old girl and I have one older sister
who is 2 years older than me.

what are your interests?
My interests include designing things like t-shirts, websites, logos, 
brochures and other things like that.
Another interest I have is God;
He is the basis of my life and my main interest.

favorite hobbies?
My favorite hobbies include: designing, knitting,
making cards, writing to pen pals, writing poems, and baking

favorite subject in school?
my favorite subject in school was Math

when did you become interested in graphic design?
I became interested in Graphic design when I was 17,
 which was around 3 years ago. My sister started taking
 graphic design courses in college and I really liked what
she was doing. She then changed her major to photography,
but I then knew that is what I wanted to go for in college

biggest goal for this year?
Some goals I have for this year are to finish my first year of
 college and to gain more knowledge about my major (graphic design) but I would have to say my biggest goal would be toinspire others through
 what I say, how I act and what I post on my blog for God 
and allow others to become saved and 
accept Jesus as their personal Savior.

what are you looking forward to the most in being a part of this community?
I’m really looking forward to participating in the
design challenges and also seeing what neat things other people
will come up with.

what's your favorite program to use when designing?
Oh my, I have a lot of different programs I like to use, but my newest program that I really enjoy is Inkscape. 
I really like Illustrator too though- they are pretty similar!

the big question - mac or pc?
I personally like PC’s better, but that could be since I
 grew up with a PC. 

do you have a personal blog we can connect with you on?
Yes, I do have my personal blog… is called
Encouragement For Everyday Struggles.

Blog Design Contest//Voting

The blog design contest closed on March 31st, and before voting began I wanted to showcase all the lovely designs that were submitted! Check them out and tell us what you think. (Voting is available in the sidebar as usual; remember to vote on both the blog designs and the weekly challenge entries!)

Note: the images have not been linked to their respective blogs because most are testing sites that will now be returned to private viewing only.

Fullscreen capture 422012 64509 PM.bmp


Fullscreen capture 422012 64529 PM.bmp


Fullscreen capture 422012 64541 PM.bmp

^^Emily Grace^^

Fullscreen capture 422012 64548 PM.bmp


Fullscreen capture 422012 64556 PM.bmp


Fullscreen capture 422012 64602 PM.bmp


Fullscreen capture 422012 64609 PM.bmp