What's this "For Designers" page all about? Good question. During the few months that I have been designing, I have received numerous questions from aspiring designers about how they could do what I was doing. I answered every single one of those emails and loved it. I really enjoy helping aspiring designers learn different skills as I learn them. And that is what this blog is for - to help others.

"But, wait!" you say. "What if they start their own businesses and start doing better than you?? Do you really want that competition???"

Here's the thing. What sets me apart from you as a designer is my creativity. It doesn't matter how many things I know - how to center post titles, change fonts, add borders...if I have no creativity it's pointless. And everyone is different and will come up with different designs. So I will teach you what I know about designing - and it'll be up to you to make it beautiful.

Blog and website design are not about facts. They're not about knowing exactly what code to write to center text. They're about your creativity - about how you can take a plain old blog and turn it into a thing of beauty. The tips and tricks I can teach you are only simple tools to enhance that beauty - what makes the deign must come from you.

So keep coming back here - check out the forums and Hall of Fame - and learn all you can. Post questions, email me and others, ask for help, give advice. This is all about bringing designers together as a community of people who love to design for others.