Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hello I'm Eyebright!

How old are you, and how many siblings do you have?
I am twenty years old, and I have three fabulous siblings. :)

What are your interests?
I am interested in blog design (of course!), photography, and homemaking.

Favorite hobbies?
I always have a hard time differentiating between interests and hobbies, but I enjoy knitting, reading, writing, and lots of other wonderfully crafty things.

Favorite subject in school?
I'm not in school anymore, but I really do like History. I love to read historical fiction and biographies, and look up interesting tidbits about different time periods.

When did you become interested in graphic design?
I probably became interested in graphic design shortly after I started my first blog on I started out like many others, with minor alterations to my templates.

Biggest goal for this year?
Honestly, my biggest goal for this year is to get a job. I am somewhat timid about this, so we'll see what happens! :D

What are you looking forward to the most in being a part of this community?
Learning! I know that there is so much information about designing blog templates that I have yet to learn, and I am super excited to have this community to learn from.

What's your favorite program to use when designing?
Gimp. I have Photoshop Elements 6, but I still prefer Gimp.

The big question - Mac or PC?
(hint - if you answer "mac" you might be out of favor with me. ;) Naw, just kidding.)
Currently I have a PC. A Dell Inspiron to be exact. However it's having issues, and so I would love to get a...Mac! (Hehe, sorry!) ;)

Do you have a personal blog we can connect with you on?
 Definitely! I blog at Defective Compositions, and would love to see you there!


Emily Grace said...

Ooh, I love historical fiction books too. My favorite series that I have read recently is the Prairie Wind series by Stephanie Grace Whitson. It might be because I love the frontier time period and/or that it had a positive and strong Christian message. =) I've read some of her other books but they were not so great--I was disappointed--but the Prairie Wind series is one that I really recommended. =D

Just wondering, why do you prefer GIMP over Photoshop?

Classic Kniterature said...

I think the reason I like Gimp better than Photoshop is that I was without Photoshop for a year, due to technical difficulties, and so I just learned to use Gimp. Now that I have Photoshop, I just prefer Gimp because I know what I'm doing. Or I like certain effects a little better. I'm not sure. In a way, I think Gimp offers a bit more than Elements, and although I don't know how to use it all yet, that appeals to me. :)