Monday, March 5, 2012

New Author!

Hello, This is Maya! I am a new author of this blog and a designer. I blog over at Efflorescence.

How old are you, and how many siblings do you have?
I am 17 years old and I have 5 siblings. 2 older and 3 younger.
What are your interests?

Playing music--guitar, piano, violen, voice--and writing. I love graphic design too.

Favorite hobbies?

Swimming, music, and soccar :) Writing to pen-pals, devouring the bible.
Favorite subject in school?

writing and geomentry (not algabra)
When did you become interested in graphic design?

well always. I have always made graphics and such but recently in the blog sense. I started blogging a while back but decided to start spending a lot of time desgining it by myself about a month ago. My good friend Hazel asked me to start designing with her and therefore began the world of me blog designing for others
Biggest goal for this year?

Reach a 100 followers? Well, haha...maybe. Just to follow Christ as a true daughter and tell hid good news to the lost again and again. I graduating high school soon to so that is a big goal also. I would also like to go on a mission trip this year. I was born on the mission field and want to back someday.
What are you looking forward to the most in being a part of this community?

I guess the challenges. I have always enjoyed seeing the winners for them :)
What's your favorite program to use when designing?

I use different stuff a lot. I guess I use GIMP a lot. I would love to have photoshop one day....
The big question - Mac or PC?
(hint - if you answer "mac" you might be out of favor with me. ;) Naw, just kidding.)

PC. Right now. maybe one day I'll have a mac. I like Mac's better but they are beyond my price range.
Do you have a personal blog we can connect with you on?

yes! You can go to Efflorescence and please follow! to order a blog design personally from me go to Cherry Blossom Blog Design



Emily Grace said...

Welcome, Maya! =D

Eve Victorie said...

Welcome! It's nice to 'meet' you! ;)

eve @ essence of eve

Hannah Rose Beasley said...

Welcome, Maya! We're glad you're here. =D

marcia said...

welcome!! t'was lovely reading about you.

Anonymous said...

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