Thursday, March 22, 2012

Beauty in Design Challenge // Week 15

*Congratulations to Marcia for winning last week's challenge!*

We've mostly been having music related themes lately (I think I may have started that trend... opps! ;P), and as much as I love music, I thought we'd all do better with a change this week. The challenge? You must create a book advertisement button. It can be for one of your favourite/recently read books, or for a book/story that you're writing. Something like this...

Mine's kinda not very creative, but I didn't really have much time to work on it.
There are no requirements size/shape wise. Just be as creative as possible! :)
You can also add in a few quotes from the book, if you like.

1. Create your button & write a blog post on your blog about the challenge with your entry.
2. Add a link back here, or include the button.
3. Submit the link to your post in the linkup below.

Have fun!

p.s. I love the blog designs you guys came up with! <3 My inspiration/idea has yet to arrive, but it's commin'. ;)


Anonymous said...

Can you just make a fake name??

Eve Victorie said...

Ummm, sure, if you want to. ;)

heyheyhi said...

i love this picture! :D