Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Beauty in Design Challenge//Week 12

*Congratulations to Emma Margaret and GodsGirlz1 for TYING in our last contest! You both are winners, girls.*

And we're back to week twelve! Before I get into our theme for this week, I wanted to let you all know that we will be holding a blog design contest for the month of March. We'll give you all a particular theme for your design with certain requirements, and the rest will be up to you to make something unique and beautiful. You'll be able to enter all month, and then the winner will be announced. More details to come shortly!

This week the challenge is to create a typography wallpaper. I'm sure you all understand what that would be, but I'll lay it out quickly for clarity - typography is really word art. So it is arranging words and letters to either create an image, or to present the words/letters in an intricate and pleasing manner. There are some pretty amazing pieces online - do a search and you'll be blown away by the talent that's out there!

So that's what we'll be doing: creating some word art that will grace our desktops. ;) {Here's an example for you...}


  1. Your image must be wallpaper size - either 1600 X 900 pixels, or the size of your computer screen.
  2. Your art must be completely original - word art generators are fun, but we'll be doing this ourselves!
That's it! A few tips - I've learned and read that it's best to keep it simple, and study the letters you'll be working with before actually arranging them. Picking your word(s) is important, too - you'll need to think about how the letters will fit together to determine if your word(s) will work the way you want or not.

To enter:
  1. Create your wallpaper, and write a blog post about the challenge and your entry.  Don't forget to add the picture of your design to your post!
  2. Add a link back here, or include the button.
  3. Submit the link to your post in the linkup below. Have fun and be creative!


Godsgirlz1 said...

Yea! I won with Emma!

I have a question. I have a wordpress account, would I be able to participate in the blog design contest or not?


Hannah Rose Beasley said...

Yes, you sure will! =D And I'll be posting the rules/requirements/etc. very soon. ;)

Godsgirlz1 said...

Great, thanks so much Hannah! :)

Emily said...

This is beautifull, Hannah! Maybe, if you don't mind, I coud use it as the background for my computer?

Hannah Rose Beasley said...

Definitely! Feel free to use it. ;) I'm glad you like it! =D