Monday, May 9, 2011


Fonts. Something designers are constantly using. If your design is going to say anything, what font are you going to use to say it? Some of the fonts that I have found most common in the blog design world are the following:
There's nothing wrong with these fonts. They're all beautiful, but when you choose the fonts you're going to use in a design do you want a common one? Or one that will stand out as different? 
Granted, simple fonts like Century Gothic and Arial are great for the main text on a web page. In fact, I encourage you to use a simple and common one like that for the majority of the text. Why? Because it is easy to read and, I for one, don't like to be distracted by the font when I'm trying to focus on the content. 

When designing headers, buttons, banners, and other things that are meant to be eye catching, I think it is a great idea to use special fonts. I have found that when using more than one font for a design, opposites look best together. For example:

This is a combination that I find myself using most of the time. Personally, that is because I really like cursive fonts and all caps. =) Here are a few design examples.

Another combination is a unique & quirky font with a simple font.
This combination is more common, I think, because everyone wants a unique font. One that is different from anybody else's.

Wondering where to find fonts?
I've downloaded fonts from the following sites: dafont, fontsy, and Kevin & Amanda. These are all free font sites. (I would be careful with downloading from any site you're not familiar with. These three sites I haven't had any issue with, but still be careful. You don't want a virus or anything!)

There are so many fonts, how to decide which one to use?
I don't believe this is a life or death decision, I wouldn't spend hours contemplating it. =P  The most important thing is that your design reflects you. The fonts you choose are a part of the design, and therefore should reflect you. For example I came across a font that is really similar to my signature, so I use it for my blog post signature.

Kevin & Amanda also has a wonderful tutorial on how to use a cute font for your blogger post titles. The only thing I did differently when following her tutorial is my hosting site. I use Bravenet as my hosting site instead of Webs because it is sooo much faster.

Do you have any favorite fonts? font combinations? font sites?

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Hannah Rose Beasley said...

Great advice, Emily! I loved reading this post - you're so right about mixing fonts up and keeping everything different.

My favorite font would probably have to be OptimusPrinceps (the font used in the "creative. beautiful. unique." section in the header. Haha but it changes all the time! =D

Yeah, I love Dafont too. I use that site pretty much exclusively.

I just re-discovered Times New Roman, so I've been doing a bunch of combinations using that font with some other ones.