Friday, December 9, 2011

Add Music to Your Blog

Lots of people (I used to be one of them) have wanted to put music on your blog, but don't know how. I just found out last week, so I thought I'd share!

First, go to this website. Sign up, and click "Create a Playlist" at the top of the page. Name your playlist. Click "Create Playlist." Then there should be a Green box that says, "Playlist successfully created. Use the search box above to start searching for music to add to this playlist." Above that, there is a search box. Find your favorite songs. (When you see a song you like, click the + button that is right below the play button)

Once you have created your playlist with all your songs, click on the tab on the top of the screen that says "Share My Playlist." Click this blue button next to the playlist that says "All other sites." Then, you can change the color of your playlist, and there are also some other settings. Once you are done with this, click the blue button that says, "Get Code."

Now you can either:
{1} Find the button that says "Blogger." Click that, put in your username and password, and it will upload to your sidebar. Or
{2} Copy the code at the bottom of the white box, go to, click Design, and add it to your blog from there.

Hope that helps! There is a lot of info there, if this is confusing, let me know!

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Eve Victorie said...

Just a heads up, due to certain 'licensing restrictions' Playlist does not work in certain countries. I know as a fact that Canada is one of them, though I can't say much about the rest.