Friday, December 9, 2011

Meet Grace Anna

Hello! I'm Grace Anna. I was so excited when I saw the Design Challenge and I am thrilled to be a part of it! Here is a little about me...

How old are you, and how many siblings do you have?
I am 17 and I have two little sisters who aren't so little anymore.

What are your interests?
In the last year, I have fallen in love with women's ministry. I also like pretty much anything computer. :)

Favorite hobbies?
Knitting and crocheting, reading, and organizing.

Favorite subject in school?
History. It is so amazing to see God's hand in everything that has happened!

When did you become interested in graphic design?
Just in the last few months. I was trying to figure out how to make a button for my blog, and I discovered the world of HTML.

Biggest goal for this year?
Since I just turned 17, I made a list of things I want to do over the next year. I think the toughest is to read through the Bible.

What are you looking forward to the most in being a part of this community?
Having a place to go when I get all befuddled! :)

What's your favorite program to use when designing?
Sadly, the thing I use the most is Paint. I can't afford Photoshop, and Gimp just confuses me! But, I'm working on learning to use it. {Gimp tutorials, anyone?}

The big question - Mac or PC?
(hint - if you answer "mac" you might be out of favor with me. ;) Naw, just kidding.)
Sorry, Hannah! I love my Dell. But, I have gotten to play a little bit with a Mac, and think I would like it if I had time to learn to use it.

Do you have a personal blog we can connect with you on?
I would love to have you visit!
And feel free to email me! I'd love to hear from you!


{Grace} said...

Wow there are a lot of "Graces" on this site... ;)

Grace Anna said...

Haha! Yes there are!

Unknown said...

Welcome! :)

Grace Anna said...

Thanks, Emilie! :)

Emily Grace said...

Welcome to the designers' community, Grace Anna! =D

Grace Anna said...

Thanks, Emily Grace!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome, Grace!;)

Hannah Rose Beasley said...

Welcome, Grace! History is my favorite subject, too. =D

(I almost just bought a Dell myself! =D)

Grace Anna said...

Thanks, Ashlyn!

Thank you, Hannah! I've loved my dell. If I hadn't been able to get this one for such a good deal, I might have kept saving for a Mac. :)