Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Beauty in Design Challenge//Week 1

Today we’re kicking off the first day of the Beauty in Design Challenge! In case you haven’t heard about what we’re doing here, check out this post for an explanation.

To start off, here are a few general rules about the challenge.

  1. Anyone can participate – no matter how old they are or if they are already a designer or not.
  2. Anyone may opt out of choosing the weekly challenge. Choosing a challenge is not a requirement for participation.
  3. Designs may be submitted during the first three days of the week, and voting will be held during the next four days. So check back!
  4. The schedule is up in the sidebar for who will be choosing the challenge each week – I will be sending out emails to all of you with further instructions. Again, there are no obligations to do this, so don’t feel pressured! =)

This week’s challenge is to create a logo or identity for the challenge itself! Feel free to use your imagination and creativity to come up with a great logo – there are only a few requirements.

  1. You will be submitting two banners with the logo on it – one must be 850 X 150 pixels (horizontal), and the other must be 200 X 200 pixels. (This is for the purpose of having both a sidebar button and a post banner.)
  2. Be sure that the colors you choose don’t clash with the colors of this blog (It might look a little funny if they did! =D )
  3. The title of this challenge (The Beauty in Design Challenge) must be included on both banners, and the subtitle (a weekly design challenge at the beauty design studios community) must be on at least the large banner.
  4. To enter, create the two banners and write a blog post about the challenge and your entry, and post both banners in your post. Then submit the link to your post in the linkup below.
  5. Have fun and be creative!

Feel free to ask any and all questions that you might have – and go link up! We’re looking forward to seeing all the entries.


Emily Grace said...

Yay, yay, yay! I'm so excited about all the interest in it too. =D

Emily Grace said...

Is there certain text that must be included in the button/banner? (ie the beauty in design challenge: a weekly design challenge at the beauty design studios community)

Hannah Rose Beasley said...

The title is required on both buttons, and the subtitle must be on at least the large banner - thanks for bringing that up, Emily! =D I'll go add that into the post... =D

Unknown said...

Yay! :) So excited.

Eve Victorie said...

How fun! Can't wait to get started! I have a design to finish by the end of the week though, but hopefully I'll be able to squeeze this in somewhere. :)

Emily Grace said...

It is probably just me, but I still can't figure it out--how do you vote? ;)

Unknown said...

I can't figure out how to vote either. :(

Grace Anna said...

I'm with Emily Grace and Emilie..

Hannah Rose Beasley said...

Sorry girls - the linkup wasn't working for some reason! I have a poll up in the sidebar now. ;)

Norah said...

Great read thannk you